Tuesday, June 1, 2010

the route

Using the latest in geo-synchronous satellites and borrowing time from super computers, (actually I used MS Paint) I have calculated my route with precision and accuracy. The bike is tuned up, the bags are packed. July can't come soon enough. This is roughly the route I will take (for the first year at least). I really want to spend time in the Dakotas, Utah, and northern Arizona, (and highway 50 across northern Nevada) but I'll wait to post that map in a year or so.


  1. way to go dave.. the route looks amazing. Great to know u are all ready. best of luck and will be following on ur news on the road :-)

  2. thank you Sherif, I'm ready to go NOW !

  3. Dave, where are you now? (July 2010) I suggest if you get to the North East before late September, you detour into Canada and visit the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia. It is a well known cycling destination and riders come from all over the world for the ride (challenging) and the scenery. (Breathtaking)


  4. Hello Wanderer, that makes alot of sense, plus I'm worried about the toxicity of the atmosphere along the Gulf of Mexico. I've visited Nova Scotia and I know how much natural beauty exists there. I thank you very much for the recommendation, you've given me something to think about. I'm less than a week from departing and I cannot wait.

    It's amazing the amount of little details that have to be accomplished before a long trip like this. And on top of it... I'm still riding my bike 40-50 miles a day with about 40 pounds of "ballast" weight.

    Thanks again

  5. When think of my upcoming bike tour I first look at where Dave threewheeljourney traveled ... lots of snow on the ground here..still have logistics like sell house or come to that decision to begin..