Tuesday, January 11, 2011

bicycling across America, biking south into Florida


  1. Ya got so far down the road that I had trouble
    finding ya. We still be enjoying the trip with
    ya Dave. Cooler here also - but not that low.
    Happy New Year late......from California.
    later. R & J

  2. thanks R&J, the weather here is cool for south Florida, but not too cold. I should be in Miami tomorrow and Key West in the next 5 days. Thanks for following !

  3. Take a nice long break in Key West! Maybe you've covered this, but I'm stuck in the debate over panniers vs trailer. Love to get your take on it.

  4. Hello George, I've used both now. There are good things and bad about each. In a headwind, the trailer is better, for stealth camping panniers might have the edge. For up-hills.... well lets face it, when you're riding up a hill it's all heavy.

    One thing I like about the Bob is how easy it is to load up in the morning with one big bag. I tend to keep track of everything better.

    Personally, I like panniers, but the Bob performs just fine and I have no major complaints

  5. That from a man with pure day to day experience. Thank you.