Friday, July 29, 2011


I've been riding a bicycle for ONE YEAR!   over 9000 miles!  and still having a blast!


  1. Awesome Dave, Congratulating on your First year of your trip....I'be been watch you on you tube. Killer videos .I've been touring off and on for the last 10 years. But rocked by many by the economic turn. So sitting here with all my gear. No work.lots of time. Long days ...and shoot a hole beautiful world to see.passport the works ..but would starve after awhile my question to you Dave is the folks you met touring ..shoot I forget his name but in Nebraska a tourist was riding to build a well abroad. Wondering if you know folks that tour with little income.

  2. I've met many people who are touring with very little. The 2 most expensive things during a tour is overnight accommodation and food. If I were touring on the cheap, I would stay in the Western US and camp on BLM land or National Forests, which is free. I would also tour with 3 people in a group, because that is the least expensive way to tour. Food is packaged in way that 3 people will find the cheapest. 3 bicycle tourist can kill a half gallon of orange juice, 3 people can eat a loaf of bread in one day, 3 people can eat a dozen eggs, 3 people can destroy a half gallon of ice cream. I believe you can tour for a long time and be happy....for about $9 a day. You will be cooking the majority of your meals, and camping free, but it can be done.

    I've met 3 people who have been living on a bike and earning a living. I'll give you a brief synopsis of how they do it.

    Matt, 25 years old, rides from southern California to Washington yearly, he picks fruit in Washington (apple season) for 2 months and then heads south. He works at some festival in Oregon for a week or 2 every year and on his way south, he collects aluminum cans. He was an interesting guy and he's been living on a bike for 3 years.

    Dan, 38 has travels all the way to the Southern most tip of South America. He makes incredible woven jewelry and sells it on the street. I met Dan in Oregon and witnessed him selling and making $200 in one day at a small touristy town, he's been on a bike for 7 years, but currently lives in Austin TX

    Joker (i guess his alias) is a guitar player I met in Key West. He busks on the streets, and has been pulling a two wheel trailer for several years around the country. I didn't get to spend much time hanging out with him, but he made a fairly good living it seemed.

    I actually got to camp and spend a couple days with Matt and Dan and I wish they would've allowed me to do interviews. I would love to have made an entire video documentary of them.

    AND... I am making a profit for making videos and blogging. Youtube pays me a small amount for the videos I produce.

    So yes it's possible.