Tuesday, November 29, 2011

thank you for being patient


  1. Dave,
    Great vlog I just finished watching them all; it took me over 2 months of watching them. I really really enjoyed your trip and narration I think this would go perfectly onto "Discovery Channel" check into it. I found it very educational and inspiring.
    The theme of encouraging more people to ride a bicycle is perfect for these long tours on bicycle. It shows just how far one can go on a bicycle. I myself have gone across the U.S. on a bicycle in '05 but never considered stealth camping hence I charged a ton of money and took me several years to pay it off. :-)...but well worth the experience.
    Now you've inspired me to do it again but I want to follow your tour so I'm planning to watch all your videos again for tips on campsites, stealth camps and places to go. I already know that Jacksonville Florida is my destination across from San Diego and I definitely want to go up C&O and Allegheny trails for sure.
    I'll take your advice and skip Iowa but everything else I want to do just like you did. I will probably fly to Olympia and start my trip from Yelm WA. and go from there. The end of my trip will be going south out of WY down into UT to the Grand Canyon and back to ABQ, NM.
    Again a heck of a trip well done, thank you Sir for sharing your trip with the world. I bet this trip will inspire more people from all over the world to come visit and tour the U.S. on bicycle. Hopefully, you also encourage more people here in the U.S. to go out and ride their bikes. I don't own a car so riding a bike is my life style as well. I love it.

    David Star
    PS: about your hdd you can remove it from your netbook and get an external shell from www.newegg.com for $10 its a simple procedure to just plug it in and connects via a usb port and access all your files from there it doesn't have to boot up...just a thought. Good Luck I hope you can finished the vlog series.

  2. It's been a while Dave, hopefully Blogger will "ping" you. As Dave #2 suggested, there's hope to recover your data. For the long run, the HP Mini210 is a prime candidate for the new SanDisk SSD, a wonderful solid state drive that is completely flash memory. It consumes but a fraction of the power that the mechanical drive does, and will this year be priced competitively against the OEM 7200rpm magnetic drive in your netbook.

    Disassembling the HP is a simple matter of pulling the battery, depress the two orange buttons beneath, and the entire back of the HP pops off. It can even be serviced while in the middle of a cross country tour.

    Your Windows 7 license sticker is on the PCB back, so you can reinstall the OS easily. In retrospect, if you have a portable HDD (they're the size of a wallet now), you could even recover while cooking dinner during a ride.

    I hope all is going well for you, we all miss hearing from you. Plans still on for touring in Asia?


  3. Dave, Thank you so much for your time, effort and dedication to putting out the videos and keeping us up to date on everything along the way.

    I must say, this is something I have always wanted to do and at some point in my life I plan to make that happen. Back in '09 We ran in to two young fellas doing the same thing when we were out for a road ride in Sullivan, WI. [www.clancandchaser.blogspot.com]. Following them around the US was very entertaining and I wish I had found yours sooner. I especially love the videos from Wyoming, Nebraska and Idaho as they hold a special place in my heart.

    I See that you are retired Military and a "Flyer"? If I may ask, what branch did you serve in and on what aircraft?? I fly for a living so I am naturally curious as to what equipment you were on?

    What are you doing for tours this year? Thanks again and thanks for your service!


  4. anyone know what happened to Dave? I am planning a cross country tour for the spring and would love to get in touch with him to see how the rest of his tour is going/went.

    1. I finally found dave on twitter @DavefromTWJ he's on there every other day. He's thinking abt going on another tour west of the Mississippi this Summer. His last post:
      Dave ‏@DavefromTWJ
      WOW the US Dept of @Interior follows me on twitter. It's kinda spooky, but I like it

  5. Hey Dave! I know this blog is a bit dated, but trying to find you dude.
    mike p

  6. Need to start a new journey. ..Call it...where in the world is DaveTWJ...we all would like to hear a word or 2 from him... at least to know he is alive and well...i don't think he intended to be famous. ..may God bless you!

  7. Oh...i wanna follow in your footsteps....tire wheel path...lol...awesome job vlogging..seriously...if u ever read these comments...would like to know if u are alive and well...miss your videos. ..