Wednesday, February 11, 2015



  1. Hello Dave,
    I would like to introduce myself, so that you know a little about myself.
    I am 51 years old, single and never married or children; I guess that the family life wasn't meant for me.
    I am a certified welder by trade, and own a recumbent Catlike Expedition. I've been on two different tours. The first one was solo unassisted, and the second one was assisted riding with my dad and his friend.
    I have 1000 miles of touring experience under my belt you could say.
    I feel that a bicycle or recumbent trike tourer is always learning and adapting so I am not going to bombard you with 50 questions.
    However, I do have a couple, just so I can start off on the right foot (pedal) so to speak.
    I always want to keep things as simple as possible, always.
    So here's my few questions.

    1. Food:? How often do you eat throughout the day as you ride?
    What do you suggest that I eat, keeping things simple, but not boring. And things to FUEL MY BODY.


    2. Income:? Are you well off, and money isn't a issue, or did you save your money over a long time to be able to go on this long tour?
    Or... how to earn money while on the road?

    3.Can't find your gear list, could you give me the link to it.

    4. Are you pretty thrifty with spending, and how much money approx. do you spend per month? Food, maintenance for bike, miscellaneous.

    I'm sure I forgot some very important things, so I hope to hear from you, and feel free to list any other things are important.

    Here's my email address.

    Thank you.


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