Tuesday, December 7, 2010

bicycling the Southern Tier, Kirbyville TX to Deridder LA.wmv


  1. Dave;
    Welcome to Lousyana. I look forward to seeing your next entry.

  2. Thanks Mike it was my good fortune to have met you. I look forward to riding from Astoria to San Francisco with you next year! Be sure to watch some of the Oregon Coast videos, and be sure to take good care of what I can only call, the most beautiful bicycle I've seen on this trip. Thanks for everything !

  3. Astoria to San Fran? Ok, enough to get me off my arss and ride.

    Watch out for the dogs!

  4. Well, finally caught up with your blog site . . . now I am gonna do some reading & see what you have been up to.
    Check you later -
    Day-2-Day Farms
    Kirbyville, TX

  5. Hi Dave...Merry Christmas...if we don't
    talk to you before then.

    You keep going and you are going to get
    the leather butt award.

    Still great here in Arizona. Washington
    is sinking in the rain.

  6. It's so cool to hear from people I've met on the road. thanks Mike, Carolyn and Roger and Judy!