Sunday, December 26, 2010

bicycling the Southern Tier, Poplarville MS to DeSoto National Forest - ...


  1. Dave, enjoying your trip with out for Gators, snakes and good lookin southern
    women. I have your camp spot picked out for
    you for next winter. Thanks for the e-mail.


  2. Dave- I checked in with you way back before you started your journey. Glad to see it's all working out for you. Looks like a great experience. Any technical problems with the bike? Flats? Sure would like to see more of your camp set up and how you live that part of the trip. And the people you meet. If and when you get to New Jersey, I can set you up at the jersey shore or just 15 miles west of Manhattan.

  3. Dave, Mike from Korum Ford. Looks like you've made it quite aways, looks like you're have a blast.

  4. Dispersed camping, great information and the first time I've heard about it. Thanks!